The Yurt Has Left the Land!

The yurt was down the hill from my main house. My then neighbors built it in 2004 and lived there until I bought their property in 2006. It was really nice, but ultimately I couldn't find anyone to make use of it. The owners and then another tenant lived in it for several years. In 2009, the county came out. Interesting timing - "someone" complained right after I rented it to a very nice black man and his girlfriend. Yes, this still happens in Siskiyou County.

Racism aside, the county did have a point. Technically, the downstairs didn't meet code. They said I couldn't have anyone live in it after that. They made noises about making me tear it down though never followed up.

I offered it as an art studio, massage place, etc. but no one was interested. It needed to be used. So I put an ad on the Tiny House Listings website and sold the structure quickly. By the way, the Tiny House Blog is a great resource. Someday I may build a caretaker/second house on the code of course.

Here's a link to more pictures I took around December 2006.

More information: a yurt is a Mongolian tent. The yurt kit came from these guys. Check out their web site for construction information.

It was two stories, almost 1000 square feet. The top story was one big round room with woodstove and a couple of awesome skylights. Downstairs was the kitchen and storage - propane for heating, stove and refrigerator, and a clawfoot baththub that looked out through French doors onto a private outside deck. Water was from a cistern.

Everything left on a big U-Haul truck for an undisclosed Mendocino County location. Though sad it had to go, I'm glad it's in good hands and hope it serves the new owner well.

My second five acres continues on as a chipmunk preserve...




living room






French doors to back deck